Migrate Me Review For Canada Migration



My name is Brian.

I am writing this Migrate Me review because I am over the moon with the service and result I received from Migrate Me.  

I work as a Finance Director and have been looking at getting to Canada for some time but due to my age I didnt seem to meet the conditions for any visas and was planning to give up on the whole thing.  My wife made an enquiry with Migrate Me for a free migration assessment and I was called by a consultant who asked a series of questions and then basically told me what I already knew which, was my age was ultimately a problem.  

I was asked to send my CV over which I thought was pointless as I explained my career history and qualifications over the phone but sent it anyway.  I was called a few days later by one of the recruitment managers who explained that due to my work history and my specialisation in Brewery finance I had a strong chance in securing employment with an LMO and this in turn would lead to a permanent status for me my wife and 16 year old daughter.   I thought this was a great idea but was a bit sceptical that I would need to pay upfront for someone to find me a job in Canada so I informed them that I would think about it and to call me back the following week.  I had a look on line that week and applied for few jobs and did get some responses, but as soon as I informed them I was in the UK the communication went dead.  My wife convinced me to give it a try and I signed up.  I then received a call from an account manager which took over an hour and felt like a psychological evaluation which made me look at my own skill set from a completely different prospective.  After this call I realised what a company would need to go through to employ someone outside of Canada and I just could not see this happening but tried to stay positive.  About 4 weeks later I received a new formatted CV which looked good but was more like a legal document.   

When the employment search started I found the strategy very clever and realised the approach and especially the timing was the most important aspect.  The way the opportunities were identified was pure genius.  However,  after 6 months with plenty of correspondence but not 1 interview I did not think it would happen and did not make it a priority to check my job emails as much as I should of been.  Saying that I was constantly kept informed and told to expect this as part of the process.

Then the interviews started to come in with my first being with Acklands-Grainger on the 12/05/16 which went well but the company although they did try could not get the required paperwork in place to hire me so it didnt really go anywhere, although disappointed I started to see that it might actually be possible.  Then on the 15/05/16 I received an email from Prairie Sun Brewery which we approached about 4 months ago asking if I was still interested in the position which resulted in a Skype interview on the 18/05/16, but the terms of the position didnt provide the right kind of location nor the security I needed from me and the family so I had decline.  I was then emailed by another company called Ribstone Creek Brewery which we made contact with in the early stages but this resulted in a similar outcome so again I had to decline it.

My account manager then obtained some data on the recruiting trends of various breweries in our ideal location and identified a company that was advertising a position for almost 3 months.  I now know that applying for a position through the standard HR channels means you will not even get looked at so Migrate Me obtained the company owners details and helped me draft a very open letter directly to the owner.  The wording on the letter was fantastic and I received an email 3 days later from the owner asking if I would like an informal chat.  This conversation went very well and he was very impressed on how I approached him which, resulted in a few conversations before I was invited over for a formal interview.  I couldn't believe it when they asked if I had family then arranged for flights and accommodation for all of us to come over for a couple of weeks to see what they do and what I could ultimately bring to the table.  When I arrived I was greeted by Scott, Ken, and Debbie who were so accommodating and while I was attending various meetings the owners wife took my family around the local area and basically kept them entertained the whole time which I really appreciated and in all honesty never expected. Before I left back to the UK they informed me they had already started the LMO process and gave me a contract with a very attractive salary package that included my relocation costs, accommodation and the type of job security I wanted for my family.  While the LMO process was going through I learnt the business objectives through 100's of Skype calls and was fully prepared for when I arrived.  The LMO was approved and I started my new role in September 2016 and things are going very well.  As Canada is such a friendly place it was very easy to settle in and my wife and daughter absolutely love it there. 

Migrate Me assisted me with all the necessary paperwork to ensure there were no hiccups from my side as this was honestly a dream come true for all of us. I panicked and hassled them almost everyday until I received my visa, and no matter how many times I called they were always very accommodating and reassuring. This was an amazing and life changing result. Immediately, it felt like an emotional roller coaster at times but these guys were phenomenal and I could not recommend them highly enough.  Thank you so much. I would not mind writing few more Migrate Me Reviews. 

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